Foot & Body Aroma 건마 Sports Massage
It's getting cold all of a sudden.My whole body is stiff and I'm having a hard day by day.For my hard-working brother,This time, I reserved a table for Kakao Foot & Body.Cacao Foot & Body Dining Place is a dining room.It's right in front of Ilsan We City Complex 5 in Pungdong.It's on the fourth […]

It's getting cold all of a sudden.

My whole body is stiff and I'm having a hard day by day.

For my hard-working brother,

This time, I reserved a table for Kakao Foot & Body.

Cacao Foot & Body Dining Place is a dining room.

It's right in front of Ilsan We City Complex 5 in Pungdong.

It's on the fourth floor of the Dunkin building.

There's a parking lot, so you can bring your car.~

If you go up to the fourth floor, you can see the entrance to the Kakao Foot & Body restaurant!

Kakao Foot & Body's business hours

Every day from 10:00 to 01:00!

The last reservation is for 23:30 p.m.

I'm scared to go anywhere because of Corona 19.

Kakao Foot & Body is doing a thorough job of quarantine against Corona.

Alcohol sterilization and phytoncide every time to time.

Caregivers, wear masks!

Sterilizing laundry after using towels and bed towels

He always says he's going to check the most important thing.

As soon as I entered Kakao Foot & Body, I had a drinking habit.

I checked the heat and sterilized the hand first.~

It's a place where you can trust and be cared for.

It's a luxurious hotel with a nice interior.

It's very neat and luxurious.

I think you're concerned about the interior props.

Massage in Mealsik-dong, Kakao Foot & Body,

Use Avena products.

Aveda is highly functional, vegetable, professional, eco-friendly, premium

You all know it's good.

The price you're most curious about!

It's the price of Kakao Foot & Body!

Sports therapy, aromatherapy, putterapy,

Cacao Therapy, VIP Plus Therapy.

There's a variety of therapies.

You can take care of what you want.

We're going to take the Arofa Sports with us.

Pungdong Massage Kakao & Body Dining Store

They're all VIP rooms.

There's a big advantage of being managed in a completely private space.

This is my brother's room.

I have two beds.~

It's perfect for a couple massage and friends.

And I went to a lot of places to get massages.

I've never seen a Styler before!

Shin Sang Styler!

Maybe it's because it's a VIP room.

Styler, Dyson Hairdryer, Individual Heating and Cooling

Individual shower rooms, individual foot baths.

It's a really luxurious Kakao Foot & Body.

All the individual shower rooms are eco-friendly brand Aveda!

Aveda products shampoo, conditioner, cleansing, toothpaste, body wash

If you come 20 minutes before the reservation time, you can use the shower room.

To get an aroma massage.

You can wear disposable underwear and a gown.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

pre-prepared foot baths in a managed room

The foot bath temperature was 건마 lukewarm and perfect.

The good thing about being managed in a private space

There's a big advantage in making business calls and personal conversations.

When you get an important call, you get a lot of attention from other people.

It's a personal space, so I've been doing my job.

a foot bath enjoyed over herbal tea

It's too tight because I'm relieved and healed.

After the foot bath, press the bell next to you.

The staff comes and cleans your feet.

Massage in Mealsik-dong Cacao Foot & Body

And I also felt that I was really concerned with hygiene.

There's a sanitary cover on the face cushion.

I love it. I love it.

Before you take care of it, you need to know what's wrong.

She asked me where I want to get intensive care.

My brother told me that my shoulders and neck are not good.

He said he would focus on that area.

First of all, with a sports massage,

You let your shoulders and back cool.

Sense of managing and checking pressure from time to time.

When the sports massage is over, it starts.

It's an aroma massage.

Aroma management that starts with the top off first.

The aroma scent is mild and good.

They say it's really good to book a good night's sleep while being under

When the Aroma phase is finished,

Wipe with a warm towel right away.

He's dressed me up.

Bridge Aroma Management Now Resume

I don't know if it's because I have a lot of cramped legs

You've done a good job

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