Face and body contact at the same time
Hello. Today, I'm going back to my main job.I've been walking around with my second child.Let's talk about postpartum massage.First of all, I know things I didn't know at all.I was able to get a smart care.If you're being disrespected, where and how you're getting it.Let's get to the bottom of those concerns today!!My favorite […]

Hello. Today, I'm going back to my main job.

I've been walking around with my second child.

Let's talk about postpartum massage.

First of all, I know things I didn't know at all.

I was able to get a smart care.

If you're being disrespected, where and how you're getting it.

Let's get to the bottom of those concerns today!!

My favorite part was

from start to finish

They handle it with their hands, not with a machine.

I mean, I knew it only in the first place. It's the greatest regret I's work.

It's the presence of this secondary postnatal 역삼건마 massage!

Usually, you just have to work hard at postpartum care centers.

It's easy to think about, but it wasn't!

Why do you have a skeleton when you have a baby?

As the swollen belly contracted rapidly,

Wrinkles and loses elasticity. This is common.

It's a change in body shape after giving birth.

Get the right experts on the right time.

They say that you can come back with a pretty body only when you get care.

That's what secondary postpartum care is!

Everyone had different contours and individuals had different left and right muscles.

If you use a machine, it's easy to miss every nook and cranny.

I think we all get the same thing, so I'm not satisfied with it's not enough.
Korea's No. 1 ranking over Gangnam

a place called Asia's Three Great Views

the first development of the concept of secondary postpartum care

For more information, see the article below.

I think it'd be good to check it out.

He kept checking the condition while controlling the strength with the tip of his finger tips.

The expert's touch was very different.

You told me everything I didn't know in the middle.

It was even more satisfying because you gave me a simple management method.

There's a space where you can adjust comfortably.

I'm here to be pretty, so I have to be pretty!K-Natural plastic surgery craze, why is it so hot overseas?

The original version is the face acupuncture, the body acupuncture treatment, and the body acupuncture.

Special and professional therapy such as wedding care/natal massage

It's an esthetic.

It's the K-plastic craze in China and all over Asia.

You can call yourself the master!!!

I had a date, and you cleaned up my messy hair.

My body was light and I felt like flying away.

Since then, I've been going around to get various treatment three times.

Should I say that the muscles seem to have gone to their places?Haha

I'm so proud to see how it's changing.

People around me told me that my face looks clearer and better.

I think he's been indifferent to himself.

I'm taking care of it more.

Keep in mind that if you do everything consistently, you can see the effects.

Let's start taking care of it together.

In the past, the beauty service that tourists visit in Korea

Plastic surgery or procedures were definitely selected.

From the mid to late 2010s, I naturally lost weight.

The meridian of being pretty! Especially the original.

They say they prefer it a lot!
It's not just about acupressure, it's about pre-consulting.

We found a facial and physical imbalance,

To make a beautiful line without asymmetry

After R&D researchers come up with a design, they will follow suit.

It's probably because the meridian is going on!

So it's a non-surgical therapy, but it's as good as plastic surgery.

It's a way to achieve results.

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