I’m so happy that I’m going to get a lot of 강남스웨디시 care
How did you spend the hot summer?It's cold winter again.I wonder how I can hold out this winter.​I'm weak in the cold.When it's wintertime, my whole body is in a state of course.I feel stiff.​I don't know if it's because I've been putting strength into my body.At this time of year, I get tired.You know, […]

How did you spend the hot summer?

It's cold winter again.

I wonder how I can hold out this winter.

I'm weak in the cold.

When it's wintertime, my whole body is in a state of course.

I feel stiff.

I don't know if it's because I've been putting strength into my body.

At this time of year, I get tired.

You know, when you get home, you feel like you're drooling.

I was in terrible condition.

My close sister gets massages often.

You know, I was thinking maybe we could get it together.

You want me to take you with me this time?

I've come to ask you a favor.

And just in time, you too.

You're taking me with you this time.

He said he was about to talk about it:)

Oh, that's how it works. Haha

The place you told me about...

It was known as Ilsan Travel Massage Shop.

What's more reassuring is that this place

available exclusively for women

It was a place with facilities.

Because I was the first one to do everything.

It might seem strange.

But only women can use it.

I quickly followed him.

It's not too far.

The next time you go there, it's easy.

I could find it.

And here in Ilsan, the business trip massage is...

It's only available on a reservation system!

You can use it only when you make a reservation.

You set up a schedule in advance.

That's how I got to step up.

They said it was a reservation system.

The schedule is tight, and the passengers are busy.

I thought a lot, but it wasn't like that at all.

on one's way there

Only my sister and I were at the salon.

Maybe that's why I feel like I'm renting a hotel.

It was good because it felt like I was getting more intensive care.

I couldn't even talk about the interior atmosphere.

It was so pretty and luxurious....

Is it a massage shop or a hotel?

It's hard to tell from the interior.

It was delivered that you paid a lot of attention.

In order to select the Ilsan business trip to Ilsan,

The atmosphere seems to be playing a part, too.

Of course, the cost, the service, the whole thing.

It would be nice if you could watch it with me.

This is a shop with everything.

But the most important thing is skills:)

After the two of us went inside the shop,

You'll be guided by an employee.

My sister has used it many times.

A course that suits your style.

He made a choice.

But since it's my first time,

I wasn't sure what to get.

If this is your first time,

You'd better get a swaddish.

They recommended it.

This is a massage that started in Sweden.

still in use

It's a basic technique 강남스웨디시 that goes into every massage.

That's why I'm so comfortable about getting in the first place.

People say they can get it.

I thought it was a perfect course for me.

You're guided into the room.

The room, of course, smells so good everywhere.

There were scented candles.

When you get into the shop,

I can see that you're feeling comfortable.

I think everything this candle does.

I feel like my head is clearing over time.

I wanted to keep it at home.

There's something special about the Ilsan business trip massage.

That's what male caregivers do.

It's for you to take care of it.

You don't have to feel pressured at all.

Because she's a male caretaker.

I heard they only use this place.

I've tried everything else.

They have different grip and different styles.

They said the satisfaction wasn't that high.

But this place is good.

under control

It's cool and satisfying.

I heard that you use it often.

Of course, it's my first time.

You can see why massage is good.

It was also an opportunity.

So, like you said,

Why do I have to use massage often?

I knew that.

What's fascinating is that I've been working with my sister this time.

There were a lot of changes after getting the Ilsan business trip massage.

to fall asleep as soon as you get home

I was relieved of my fatigue.

Once you lie down for insomnia,

It used to be hard to sleep.

I don't have that at all anymore.

Not only that, but also waking up in the morning.

It was me who was so flabby.

I've seen you get up so...

There are a lot of changes.

You know, it's winter, and you're always pushing yourself.

I used to strain my muscles.

I don't think I need to think about it anymore.

Now that you know the power of the massage,

I'm going to get a lot of care

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