It’s important that postpartum massage is consistently accepted after childbirth.
Yesterday, I went out of the house after a long time.I got postpartum care:)in the back of one's knee and backThe day after day of the twin breast cancer.​I like the post-natal massage, but sometimes I want to go out.I've been there for a change.^^I've always been in full-body care since I got pregnant.It's been […]

Yesterday, I went out of the house after a long time.

I got postpartum care:)

in the back of one's knee and back

The day after day of the twin breast cancer.

I like the post-natal massage, but sometimes I want to go out.

I've been there for a change.^^

I've always been in full-body care since I got pregnant.

It's been almost a year since we got face care together.

It's been a while since I've had a 천호 건마 pretty face. It was nice.

Serenique Songpa, between Garak Market Station and Police Hospital Station

Munjeong-dong, Garak-dong, Helio City.

He's in a good position to be accessible.

As it is a skin care shop, reservation is required.

Serenique's exterior and interior for postpartum care

The waiting room is beautiful.

There's a display of Serenique's products.

Pre-booked management is speed postpartum care.

90 minutes course for full body manual and synchronized skin care.

I arrived just in time for my appointment.

I'm doing skin tests in the consulting room.

He puts his face on the machine on the left and shoots it three times.

I'm going to use this to measure my skin in detail.

I'm going in with the appropriate skin care.

I've always wanted to do it every time I go to Serenique, but I finally did.

While the skin measurement results are available,

with a cup of warm tea

Two months of twin births, cesarean section, breastfeeding, etc.

Childbirth information and

I told them where it's uncomfortable, where they're taking care of their skin, etc.

For more effective postpartum care and skin care,

My skin precision test result!

I've always been young skin.

It's a shock to me that I'm about the same age that I left a year unattended.

Pore is a little wide and lacks both moisture and oil

She has a bright skin tone, but she has a red glow.

The good thing is that they have very little wrinkles! Awesome!!!

So based on these results, you said you would manage moisture and elasticity:)

I asked you to take good care of your wrists and arms especially!

"Serenique Speed Postpartum Care"

Calf->Cleanings->Double-filling->Pure Cell Water->Cellie Coverage Ample+ Primary Suading Mask->Third Kinds of Essential Oil->Lifting Menu Real Techniques->Second Total Cover-Mask Management-

Serenique's unique atmosphere management room.

I'm going to take it off in a disposable gown in the maintenance room gown.

After keeping the clothes and luggage, ring the bell and let them know,

You can listen to calm music and get maintenance.

Lie face down and start taking care of your calves and feet.

They say my legs are still swollen.crying

Wipe the floor of your feet and toes with a warm towel (?)

The pressure's stronger than I thought.

I think I asked you to weaken it a couple of times.

I'm telling you, it's the pressure control.

It's speed postpartum care, so skip your thighs and back!

His shoulders, neck, back, all bent to breastfeeding.

Every time I touch it, it's so refreshing that I feel cool.

For the coordinated skin care and abdominal management of serenic sonar.

After he turned around, he put a pneumatic massage on his leg.

Feeling the pressure massage on your legs.

He's in facial care.

Lie down and start with cleansing double-filling.

It's been a long time since I've had customized skin care.

I forgot who's so good to touch my face!

I was so happy that I fell asleep.

I think I snored a lot. I felt embarrassed.

The groom does that at home these days.

I snore and sleep.

The hard work of twin parenting.

How much sleep did he get the decollete?

They're all sleeping with their mouths open.

Your neck and shoulders are lighter today, the next day.

I could see the skill of the Serenik Songpa.
Essential oils are giving your skin a boost.

I'll put it on top of the Soothing Mask.

My favorite handling time when I get skin care.

I feel great when I meet a really good hand at handling things.

I'm so sorry I was asleep.

Put the second Total Carverly Mask on your face.

She's in abdominal care.

I saw the picture you left, and I saw the wrist and arm care you asked for.

I guess that's when they did it.

When receiving from skin care, general care, or the shop,

It's very important to ask for your attention.

Then they always take care of that part.

80 days since I had a baby.

My stomach still looks four or five months pregnant.

When I look in the mirror, it's really thick.

I don't know when I'll be out. I hope I can get help with the massage and lose at least a centimeter
Get out of postpartum care for a cup of warm tea.

I'll take the cream samples you gave me.

He returned to Lululala's house:)

If you apply this sample well, it lasts longer.

I was in such a good mood.

After finishing postnatal care, I took this selfie roughly from Serenique Songpa.

I can feel my skin getting a little tight.

Of course, the app covered the dark circles. Hehehehe

My legs are less swollen today and my legs are lighter.

Very satisfactory postnatal care

It's important that postpartum massage is consistently accepted after childbirth.

It's good for recovery.

Mothers, take care of your postpartum care.

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