I bought it for local drinking,
The corona kept me at home.The stress builds up, and to relieve it,I'm Gandhi who keeps shopping.I don't know what the corona will be like in the summer,with the hope that it'll get better,I'm shopping for summer clothes.Mija likes department stores.I often use a luxury shop called Flax Shop.​I'm sure a lot of people who […]

The corona kept me at home.

The stress builds up, and to relieve it,

I'm Gandhi who keeps shopping.

I don't know what the corona will be like in the summer,

with the hope that it'll get better,

I'm shopping for summer clothes.

Mija likes department stores.

I often use a luxury shop called Flax Shop.

I'm sure a lot of people who like clothes know this.

We're doing a lot of time specials and a lot of discounts.

I want to inform you that I can buy it cheaper than the department store.

One style is

About 200 luxury brands and foreign brands

It's an online editorial mall.

at a department store or offline

There's a store. Don't worry about fake goods.

It's a time-sale item that changes every day.

You can get it much cheaper than the normal price.^^

The msgm dress in the picture.

I bought it at the department store 레플리카 and it was much more expensive.

As soon as I saw this...Wow...

Even if it's not a time special, it's a big discount.

If you find it well, you can get the product you want cheaply!!

I went in once a day, and the product that I've always

I could get it right out.
It's a brand that you can buy in one style.

A lot of familiar brands.

MSGM, N°21, off-white,

It's one of the brands I buy often.

Besides these brands,

There are many brands that I don't know.

The best part is that all products are returned free of charge!!

The return fee is a waste of money.

It's amazing.

Try it on comfortably at home.

The Italian brand, Philip Model, features a shield-shaped logo.

They're premium sneakers, but they're more than 60% off.

They sell it at a perfect Nike price!

a great gourd

It's light and easy, so the groom likes the Phillip model sneakers.

While I'm ordering, I'll go shopping with you.

It's very light compared to the high heels.

I heard you're over 180cm tall because you're +5cm tall.

This is my favorite groom.

Mine's red in the eye!!

I bought it because I thought I could wear it comfortably.

It was prettier than I thought.

The price is really good.

I bought it for local drinking,

I could just take out the transparent anamelclutch inside.

It's a perfect utilization, and I like it in many ways!

I bought this short sleeve shirt a few days ago.

We matched it together.

After I started using one style,

I often buy MSGM or N°21.

It's neat and easy.

If it's a size tip,

S size is recommended for 55-thin 66

Mija has gained a lot of weight these days, so she goes back and forth until 66

I ordered an S, and it was a good.​

It's only a few months before the summer.

I guess I really want to go out.

Eats, get your pretty items.

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