You should take note of the fact that there’s a hookah, too
The memories of the examination were very difficult.It just came to my 88카 mind. After that, I got my license. College.I thought I'd drive a car as soon as I was born.It wasn't easy, and I'd like to ask my parents for help me.I couldn't have done it, so I spent years on a wardrobe […]

The memories of the examination were very difficult.

It just came to my 88카 mind. After that, I got my license. College.

I thought I'd drive a car as soon as I was born.

It wasn't easy, and I'd like to ask my parents for help me.

I couldn't have done it, so I spent years on a wardrobe license.

I've been living a life of my own, of my own.

This year, I realized the importance of self-discipline.

I'm doing it. So I'm going to pick him.

It was a used one, but he picked it right away.

I didn't make a purchase or anything.

k3 Prestige grade.

It's a lot better than I thought.

You should take a look at this.

I'm going to write an introduction.

And in the case of the guy I saw, Kirozu...

It wasn't a long time ago. No matter how much you use it

Even if you're on hold, it'll be relatively short.

I'm sure everyone has a desire.

I'm in better shape than I thought at first.

I should say it was all right. It's not common.

I don't think so, but it's been less than a week since I came in.

They say it's a state. That's why it's relative.

He wouldn't have been known for it. You know, I've never heard this before.

Now that I've heard of it, I'm the one who's destined to

I wanted to, but right now, I'm rushing to make a decision.

I can't do it. I'll save more money and visit.

I thought I'd do it, so I left it behind.

I liked the lighter color better.

The guy I saw this time is Dark Grey.

Of course, in a dark tone, used car's market appeal is...

I did have one.

They say the fuel can be filled with gasoline.

Fuel economy if you compare with relative diesel.

I know it's a shame, but I don't know what I've been guessing.

He wasn't the type to consume as much oil as he was.

I don't like to be loud. at ease

I want to go far away, but the car's shaking.

If you hear a noise or something, you can't be too nervous.

I think it's gonna work. That's why I'm using gasoline on purpose.

I'm glad I saw you.

Appeal to the smooth ride I've been looking forward to.

I'm giving it to you. I'm looking at it as a sub-medium

It's been great the whole time.

The same dark interior as the outside.

I've been setting the tone through it, most of all.

I've got a lot of red letters on top of all these buttons.

I liked the way it was good. Black and Red.

The union doesn't fail anywhere.

I'm impressed when I'm facing him here, too.

Should I say that we're on it? Above all

There are many options in place, so it's convenient.

It was also best to be able to use it.

It works fast and well without a breakdown. Hah!

Warmly, the heater also raises the temperature, but the seat's...

There's a heat wave on the inside, so it's like an ondol.

They're warming up everything!

It was a k3 used one that didn't have a low grade.

Don't cans do that? I'll consider it personal.

It's relatively valuable if you do it.

Sometimes it's too high, sometimes it's too much.

But it's relatively depreciated.

I can reasonably face him on good terms.

It was the best. So these days,

Not a few people pick this way.

I heard it, and I understood it. It's actually bung-boom.

I could relate a lot to the idea of getting something ready.

It's really hard for a freshman.

Anyway, I'll try to keep it clean afterwards.

There are even functions that can help you, so you can look around.

It was fun. There was a navigation system.

One of the functions that I think is essential.

It's also a win. No matter how good the phone is,

Even if they do, they have to install them separately.

I'm just gonna use what's on the boongboong basically.

Isn't it the most convenient time? But just in case,

I wanted to see how it was used.

It wasn't a problem to use, and I'm guessing the guidance.

He's more detail-oriented than he's ever been

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